The Olde English Bulldogge

These dogs are the truly old-fashioned bulldogs of the old Roman days, bulldogs of days gone by. These dogs almost became extinct back in the early 1900's. But actually they were alive and well in the backwoods of America.

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Family Business

The Hermes family has been raising these dogs privately for 3 generations, selectively breeding for large size, excellent health, and a unique temperament combining hunting drive, intelligence, and playful friendliness.

Man's Best Friend

Hermes Olde English Bulldogges can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees, and down to 50 degrees below zero. They have the rugged health of working dogs. They are not prone to hip dysplasia or birthing difficulties. Their speed, power and agility are overwhelming, along with being "First to befriend and foremost to defend..."

True Lineage

These are not of the Leavitt Bulldogge line; neither are they American Bulldog or Pit Bull Terrier. Hermes Olde English Bulldogges are of the standard of the true English Bulldogge. They have been known to top out weights of 145 lbs, with a head of 30 inches and more.